Berryland is the world inside your fruit bowl.  Watch as fruit goes from green and solid as a rock to brightly colored and ready to eat around the clock!   That’s when we know the MeeMees must be running and playing, having a “berry” wonderful day!

Season 1 of MagicMeeMeesTM is here! Go into the tiny worlds of MagicMeeMees, they are 100th millionth the size of you! They live inside your fruit bowl, candy jar, refrigerator and so many more places! There are 8 Playsets to collect. All come with an exclusive MagicMeeMee character. Discover the "Secret Place" in each playset and see how what MeeMotionsTM your MagicMeeMeesTM show you! Berryland - Take a look at the life inside a fruit bowl. See the whimsical world the MagicMeeMees from Berryland live in.

  • MagicMeeMees are the most adorable little creatures that live all around us! So small, 100 millionth the size of you, take a close look and find them all. Also, if you listen very closely, you might hear them talk to each other!
  • Play and explore in the Miniworlds the MagicMeeMees live in. Build your worlds and get the exclusive character in each playset.
  • Each World is represented with a symbol.
  • Collect them all to build your Meemeeopolis
  • Collect them all!